Screamin’ Eagle Öhlins Fork Kit Harley-Davidson Los Angeles

Elevate Your Ride with the Screamin' Eagle®/Öhlins® Fork Kit

Passionate about elevating your motorcycle performance? Harley-Davidson in Los Angeles introduces the perfect solution: the Screamin' Eagle Öhlins Fork Kit. Together with Öhlins®, a pioneer in suspension excellence, this kit promises to redefine your riding experience. By integrating top-tier front suspension components, you're set for a transformative ride.

Unmatched Performance and Comfort
Commitment drives Harley-Davidson, and with the Screamin' Eagle®/Öhlins® Fork Kit, you're promised an unmatched ride. Instead of the standard front suspension, you're upgraded to Öhlins® precision. So, every twist and turn feels like a dance of perfect synchronization.

Tailored Riding Experience
Additionally, what makes this kit standout is its adaptability. It's beyond a standard fit; it's tailored precision. Adjust both the compression and rebound damping and make your ride truly yours.

Effortless Adjustments
Moreover, tailoring your ride is a breeze. The kit offers external adjustments for various aspects including preload. Begin with the sag setting, and then delve deeper, optimizing for your weight and riding style.

Longevity Assured
Reliability is synonymous with Öhlins®. Therefore, the Screamin' Eagle®/Öhlins® kit is not just durable but also serviceable. This ensures sustained peak performance for years on end.

Inside the Package
This comprehensive kit comes with left and right cartridges, springs, and oil. For optimal results, get the installation done by a Harley-Davidson expert, given the specialized tools involved.

Champion's Choice
Still contemplating? Here's a fact: the Harley-Davidson Racing Team swears by this suspension. If champions trust it for the race, surely, it's set to elevate your everyday journeys.

In essence, the Screamin' Eagle®/Öhlins® Double Cartridge Fork Kit isn't just an accessory. It's your passport to superior performance on the roads of Los Angeles. Why wait? Start your enhanced riding journey with Harley-Davidson today.

Check it out online here: Screamin' Eagle Öhlins Fork Kit