Harley-Davidson® of Santa Clarita Open Roads Open House 2023

Welcome to the Open Roads Open House 2023 at Harley-Davidson® of Santa Clarita! This annual event is a haven for motorcycle enthusiasts seeking to immerse themselves in the Harley-Davidson® experience and to explore the latest models.

This year's Open House is more exciting than ever, showcasing the most recent innovations and offering a closer look at what makes Harley-Davidson® a legendary name in the motorcycle world. From revolutionary designs to unmatched performance, each bike is a testament to Harley's commitment to quality and passion for riding.

Visitors have the chance to witness the exquisite craftsmanship and advanced technology that go into every Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. Whether you are a seasoned rider or new to the world of motorcycles, the Open House provides an opportunity to learn, explore, and connect with other enthusiasts. It's the perfect place to share stories, gain insights, and forge new friendships in the biking community.

Beyond the bikes, the event is laced with activities and opportunities to learn more about riding. It's a place where passion for the open road meets the spirit of adventure, creating an environment where every moment is a chance to discover something new. Whether it’s about the latest riding gear, customization options, or road safety tips, the Open House has something for everyone.

The Open Roads Open House 2023 at Harley-Davidson® of Santa Clarita is more than an event; it’s a celebration of the freedom and thrill that come with riding a Harley. It's an invitation to become part of a community that shares a common love for the road and to experience the essence of riding in its purest form.